HIU Repair
HIU Repair

Servicing, maintenance and repair of Hydraulic Interface Units (HIU), Heat Distribution Units (HDU) and Heat Interface Units

HIU Repair focuses on repairing problems with and servicing Heat Interface Units (HIU).


These are also known as Heat Distribution Units (HDU) and Heat Interface Units.


A HIU is the key component of a district heating system which provides residents in large apartment complexes with heating and hot water, rather than each apartment being fitted with a gas boiler.


HIU Repair works in the London area.


HIU Manufacturers


We can perform repair and servicing work on a range of models from multiple manufacturers, including:


  • SAV Systems
  • Danfoss
  • Giacomini
  • Vital Energi
  • Tacotherm
  • Heatlink
  • Evinox
  • Mibec

Problems with HIU systems


HIU Repair can fix a wide range of problems and issues with HIU systems, including:


  • No heating
  • No hot water
  • Poor heating
  • Poor hot water temperature
  • Low flow rates
  • Blocked filters
  • Blocked heat exchanger
  • Pump failure
  • Control failures
  • Under-floor heating issues
  • Leaks from HIU
  • Leaking discharge pipes
  • System pressure loss
  • Damaged pipes
  • Leaking pressure vessel


Contact HIU Repair to provide details about your problem and request a quotation for repair work.


For urgent requests, call 07983 436989 or email info@hiu.repair.




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